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A True Story Of Tiny Timm


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Tiny Timm's rear legs have never worked, but that hasn't slowed him down. He has a feisty nature and never gives up. He's special – he shows kindness to all other species of animals as well as humans. He teases Cooper, the cat, then puts his ears back and cuddles up to him for a short nap.

Tiny Timm shows us how a cute, fluffy bunny makes friends and how to bring joy to others. He senses when a child that holds him has special needs or might need comfort and he curls up in the child's arms giving love and comfort. What he lacks in hopping ability, he makes up for with his personality and kindness. He's loyal – he's never forgotten how his brother, Tunnel, raised him and taught him how to eat and move around.

All of the animals here are rescues, and he loves to make the rounds and give each of them a morning kiss; they run up to him and say 'Hi' with a kiss. This book reflects a typical 'Tiny Timm Day'.

Author: McGrath, Beverlee