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Alawashka: The Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation


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ALAWASHKA – The book that GENERATES HEALING and EXPANDS YOUR AWARENESS – just by reading it!

It's that simple and that profound. Creation Frequencies of healing and illumination are coded into the very pages of this book and included in the meditations and chants!

Experience the true resonance of Creation. Feel the amazing energy and profound spiritual openness from Alawashka, the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation. Learn about the true nature of humanity and your own birth rite. As you read the true chronology and genesis of humanity you will experience specific energies to help release limitation and restore your own Divine nature. Each page, each word in this book will connect you to very specific vibrational frequencies and matrices that bring clear personal transformation, cosmic evolution and universal healing.

Read this book and you will feel the transmitted spiritual frequencies that can heal the entire human past, including your own. These frequencies are embedded in the words of this book and will bring you into greater personal harmony and inner peace. You will connect to the joy and fluid power of your deepest self.

This powerful and uplifting book is like no other! ALAWASHKA also includes special chants and songs in the Original Language of Creation that will help you connect to your personal destiny and touch the Heart of the Universe.

The most awe-inspiring discovery of our times … ALAWASHKA – the vibrational Source of all Creation

Alawashka is a compelling exploration of that reveals the true history and nature of humanity, universal healing and cosmic transformation, while it initiates our passage into higher consciousness. Channeled by Lumari, Alawashka is both a language and a being. Her essence alters the framework of existence.

With songs and practices in this ancient language, Lumari’s book is essential for everyone who wants to attain their highest expression of love, spirituality, physical well-being and inner peace. Speaking, reading or hearing Alawashka opens a profound relationship to the Divine. By reading this book you will directly experience energies of blessing that will change your life.