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Blind Man’s Bluff a Duncan Maclain Mystery


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The Miners Title and Trust is typically dead quiet, having gone bankrupt. Then, late one evening, the bank's blind president, Blake Hadfield, plummets eight stories to his death in the building's lobby. The only witnesses are the security guard and Blake's estranged wife, who were both on the first floor. Blake's son, Seth, is found drunk and dazed on the eighth floor, making him the prime suspect in what the police believe to be murder.

That's when Harold Lawson and Sybella Ford call upon Captain Maclain for help. Maclain doesn't think the banker's death was a suicide or an accident. He believes someone else was in the building — and when more murders follow, he suspects the villain is still at large. Now, Maclain will push his powers of deduction to their limits to solve one of the strangest cases of his career…