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Charlotte Cowan Pearson: Stitchworts, Woodruff Journal


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These notebooks come with practical features: a pocket at the back for scraps and receipts; two ribbon markers to help keep track of more than just a to-do list; robust ivory text paper, printed with lines; and when you need to collect other notes or scraps of paper the magnetic side flap keeps everything neat and tidy.

Very little is known of Charlotte Cowan Pearson's life but it is known that she was admitted as a lady member of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh (now Botanical Society of Scotland) in 1894 and that she was an enthusiastic botanical artist. An album of Charlotte’s beautiful botanical paintings of British plants is held in the Library of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and pays witness to her talents as an artist. The artwork on this journal shows 'Stellaria nemorum, Lepidium campestre, Asperula odorata, Stellaria holostea' painted in 1871.

Pub Date: 2022

Format: Other

Pages: 176 pp.

Size: 8.26 x 5.82 inches

ISBN: 9781839648960