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Come to Think of It: Notes on the End of the Millennium


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Author:  Schorr, Daniel

A journey through twenty years of politics with one of the most revered news analysts of our time

Daniel Schorr, an institution at CBS for decades and a twenty-year mainstay of NPR, is a legend in journalism. "Come to Think of It" is the first selection of Schorr's observations on politics and American life from the years 1990 to the present?a peerless commentary on the history of our time. Schorr's essays reveal him as a master of pithy, get-to-the-point analysis, whether he is calling the Supreme Court's 2000 decision to seat George W. Bush as president a ?junta? by a ?Gang of Five? or eviscerating a conservative counterpart for belittling F.D.R.'s legacy. Schorr's experience?he has covered the administrations of twelve presidents?gives him an authority and range that permeate every page of "Come to Think of It."

Schorr's analyses include insight on:

? The Iraq war in current and historical perspective

? The first Gulf War, Bosnia, North Korea, and Iran

? Executive privilege and misdeeds throughout history

? Healthcare, welfare, and the state of the social contract

? The proliferation of nuclear weapons

? The U.N. report on climate change

As a record of our perilous times and as a cogent primer on the politics of the last two decades, "Come to Think of It" is an unparalleled record of political analysis. This will be a must-read for the legions of devoted NPR listeners who tune in to hear Daniel Schorr every week and for anyone who wants insight and a historical perspective on the 2008 election.