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Feminine Fusion The Merging of Sexual Polarity


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For centuries, we have practiced meeting challenges and opportunities exclusively with our “masculine” qualities of strength and will. Now, for the first time, Chris Griscom shows how to infuse these “masculine” qualities with the powerful “feminine” qualities of intuition, empathy, and balance – creating a dynamic force of growth and change which will facilitate success with ease and grace. “All of us, women and men alike, possess ‘feminine’ qualities such as nurturing, adaptability, and intuition, and the most fantastic adventure begins when you discover what you can do with these energies in your daily life!”

Through fascinating real-life examples and simple exercises, Ms. Griscom reveals how we can: ignite the fires of fusion that awaken a new octave of sexual radiance; discover the magnificent energy of the Shakti Body and learn to vibrate within the divine and powerful pulse of the Kundalini; access the Inner Female and Male to create a fusion of our true divine energies, thus emanating power and confidence to everyone around us; master the “feminine” arts of timing and persuasion to achieve maximum success in business; show compassion and sensitivity to enhance professional stature; and strengthen the bond with loved ones by communicating telepathically when we are apart.

“We must now look deeper than just the reality of form (the masculine energy) in order to find ourselves anew. In short, the next evolutionary ladder is quite uncompromisingly that of the spirit! And this is the Feminine energy.”