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Funny Dictionary: Fabulous Words, Frazes and Silliquisms


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BEEHOOVES: the sound of approaching bees.

DOGMATIC: vending machine that dispenses dogs.

ICE CREAM SCOOP: breakthrough in ice cream jounalism.

ORIGINAL SIN: sin that's never been tried before.

It's the best funny dictionary in years with more that 1400 funny definitions and other word play. And amazing definition illustrations by Ross Feldner. Unlike previous dictionaries there are NO jokes about race, gender, ethnicity, body type or sexual orientation. Works for ages 9 to 90. Lightly sprinkled with left-leaning and irreverent humor. Here are some more examples.

ABOLONYISM: the belief that shellfish will one day rule the world.

BELABOR DAY: people are free to repeat the same stupid arguments over and over and over again.

BLEACHERS: those who followed 45's covid advice.

HIPPOCAMPUS: the grounds of Hippo University.

LUNATICK: moon based insect. "Always check yourself after

walking on the moon."

PONTIFICRATE: the box where the Pope keeps his crap.

RIGHT TO BARE ARMS: constitutional protection for short sleeve shirts.

QUANTUM MECHANICS: mechanics lying under an atom with their feet sticking out.

TAKE ANY WORD in the Dictionary. Read the word twice to get the listener(s) to think of the usual definiiton. Then read the Funny Dictionary definition. Laughter comes from surprise and there's plenty of that to be had in these pages. Everyone is encouraged to make up their own funny words and definitions.

Mark Friedman is an invertebrate punster, who has been annoying family and friends with puns for most of his life. He is the author of a one act comedy "Waiting for Waiting for Godot" and a rom-com screen play "That Voice in Your Head," and several other (serious) books (also on amazon), but this one was the most fun to write. Mark lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is married to the writer Terry Wilson, author of the very funny and touching memoir Confessions of a Failed Saint.