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Guide to the New Mexico Mountains: 50th Anniversary Edition


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This must-have compact guide book describes more than 100 mountain ranges in New Mexico. It is a 2016 finalist in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards contest and was featured in the August 2017 edition of New Mexico Magazine! See vintage and recent photographs that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the Land of Enchantment. Find information about New Mexico's National Parks, Monuments, geology, archaeology, sports, ski areas, and Native people. Hand drawn maps show the locations of major mountain ranges. Stories about treasures, outlaws, hermits, mines, and historic trails paint a portrait of the state's history. With the Kindle edition, readers can connect directly to website links found throughout the book. Follow directions for day trip outings recommended for each region of the state. Readers can easily find information about magnificent high altitude rocky peaks where prospectors mined for gold, the stark beauty of desert mountain ranges where Geronimo and Victorio hid from the Cavalry, mountain ranges with mile high cliffs that tower over the Rio Grande valley, and strange volcanic mountain formations that resemble horns or giant pots. Each mountain range has its own history, adding to the appeal of New Mexico as a place to visit.

Guide to the New Mexico Mountains, written by the late Dr. Herbert Ungnade, was first published in 1965. In this 50th Anniversary Edition, his daughter Liesl edited, revised, and enlarged the text. Her father's historic photographs are mixed with recent digital images. Turn the pages and begin your journey into the New Mexico Mountains. To see vintage photographs and learn more about New Mexico, visit http: //

Author: Ungnade, Liesl