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Horse of the Sea


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The Rhone Delta of France is home to one of the most amazing horse species in the world, the Camargue horse. For thousands of years this small but powerful equine survived and evolved in the wetlands and marshes of the Mediterranean in an area known as the Camargue. Sure footed, strong, disease resistant, and with great endurance, these horses were the preferred mount of the cattle and sheep herders of the area for hundreds of years.

The breed was recognized and protected by French law in 1976. They are often called the “Horse of the Sea.” The “gardians,” are the “keepers” of this special horse, ensuring their health and safety, and the purity of the breed. The Camargue horse and the gardian culture are a source of pride and passion among the Camargue people. Tony Bonanno’s photographs capture the power and beauty of this ancient steed, along with vignettes of the gardians’ traditional culture.

Author: Bonanno, Tony