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Ancient pueblo artifacts, including the mythical "Black Heart of God" have been stolen from the ruins of Astialakwa in the Jemez Mountains. The theft sets off a cascade of crime, including murder. Deputy Sheriff Matt Bertram, who is assigned to the Jemez Mountains of Northern New Mexico, has become accustomed to his routine of writing speeding tickets and investigating minor crimes in the small village of Jemez Springs. With the theft of the artifacts, he finds himself engulfed in an investigation which will risk his own life and the lives of his closest friends.

In his fourth novel, author Mark David Albertson brings you a tale which will take you on an adventure in the heart of the beautiful Jemez Mountains of Northern New Mexico, as he paints a vivid picture of the land, mountains, and the diverse people who live in the Jemez. Mark's inventive imagination brings the reader a cast of characters who are odd, quirky, noble, and brave. It is a novel with humor and adventure, filled with mystery wrapped in the supernatural, danger, suspense, comedy and tragedy. Mark's humorous writing style will keep you entertained, laughing and on the edge of your seat to the last word.

Author: Albertson, Mark David