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King of Dogs Life is the Training Ground for Death


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As a Soviet-style collapse unfolds in America, Grayson, equal parts philosopher and warrior but legitimately neither, makes a death-bed promise to watch over a couple with a child on the way. Driven by his own severe loss, he must make good on his promise, and carry the psychic consequences as he races headlong into the fallout of our imploding civilization. Set in the hallucinatory desert southwest, populated with hunter-killer teams, awash with refugees, third-country mercenaries, and hostile, conspiring elites, King of Dogs pits the beauty of language and western philosophical ideals against the deep depravity and violent decay of our times. Balancing elements of the apocalyptic, epic, western, and crime sub-genres with more ambitious, literary sentence-to-sentence writing and substructure, King of Dogs will appeal to readers who enjoy the aesthetics of Cormac McCarthy, as well as those who appreciate the challenge and reward found in writers as diverse as Joseph Conrad, Charles Bowden, and Paul Harding.

Author: Edwards, Andrew

Condition: Like New – Paperback