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Legible Walls: Poems for Santa Fe Murals


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Challenging and opening our perceptions of the city, this collection of poems, essayistic prose fragments, and images rounds out Darryl Lorenzo Wellington's tenure as Santa Fe Poet Laureate 2021-2023.

"I see mirages-my books, that is, generally speaking begin with collections of riddles, tiny insidious lights, mysterious UFOs and mirages that beckon me. After I became the Santa Fe Poet Laureate 2021-2023, I crisscrossed the city bringing my lessons to public and private schools and schoolchildren. Then I retraced my routes bringing the poems they had written back home. I visited sections of the city I had never visited before, and along the way-whether to success, failure, or poetry and play-painted walls beckoned me…" – Darryl Lorenzo Wellington