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Based on a true story, the author provides a captivating and crystal clear window into the lives of some of the early settlers on the plains of South Dakota. In 1911, sixteen year old Grace has the same hopes and dreams as any other bride for a future built on love, commitment and family. But she also knows that a life of ranching on the magnificent prairie she loves so deeply will require years of perseverance, hard work and suffering. What she doesn't expect is how quickly she will be required to confront these threats to her heart and her soul. Despite challenges that often seem insurmountable, Grace builds two abiding friendships in a land where other women are very few and rarely seen. Daisy, a half Lakota widow befriends her and Grace also recognizes a kindred spirit in her nearest neighbor, Mae Thingvold, a young doctor, on her own. It is these women and their connections to each other that will sustain all three of them through unimaginable pain and loss and bring them joy in the sharing of small victories and celebrations of milestones along the paths of their lives. Dawn Wink introduces you to Grace and allows you to share her journey as you walk the rolling hills of her beloved prairie at her side. You will laugh and cry with her and share her deep connection to the land that is the anchor for the ship of her life on which she sails the endless sea of grass.

Author: Wink, Dawn