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Milo and the Dragon Cross: A Fantasy Novel


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Milo, a fifteen-year-old boy with a highly developed imagination has fallen through the cracks of his teachers' expectations and lands in a world of his own fantasies where he becomes a participant in the Magical Scavenger Hunt. Surprised and baffled to find himself in such a strange place, he finds a talking cat who agrees to help him navigate the puzzles and trials of the contest. When he stumbles onto the discovery of a legendary talisman, he attracts the enmity of a powerful, vindictive wizard who pursues Milo as he unravels the mythical secrets and properties of the artifact. Milo gradually discovers that he must trust his own abilities instead of trying to do whatever others expect of him while remaining loyal to the friends he makes as he follows the clues that come his way. When at last the showdown with the wizard comes, it is Milo's fundamental belief in himself that he must rely on. Includes Readers Guide.