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Shopping for a Man: Shopping for a Man : the Ultimate Woman’s Guide for Dating a Really Great Guy (Series #1) (Paperback)


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Are you ready to find a really great guy to share a magnificent, long-term, relationship and have fun dating?

In her new book, Lumari, internationally acclaimed intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher and healer, reveals the secret dating tips for women to help you bust the illusions about dating, so you can date a really great guy, find deeper fulfillment in your life and create a lasting, loving, meaningful, relationship without sacrificing yourself.

"Dating is Shopping" and that puts the power and empowerment in a woman's hands. You are fabulous and it's time you knew it and approached dating knowing your own brilliance. It's not about changing yourself or sacrificing yourself to attract a guy. It's not about what a man wants and then trying to change to be whatever that is. No games, no manipulations, no fear, no judgments about yourself or about those guys.

When asked, what inspired her to write this book, Lumari said, "After a break-up and heart break, I asked the Divine how I could find the right guy for me, the message I got was very clear. 'Everything is shopping.'

That message changed my life and it made me laugh. I love shopping! I'm an excellent shopper. So I put together all of the tips and training I learned from the master shopper in my family, my mother, added my own skills and perceptions and step by step, I approached dating just like it was shopping. That's how I really found my beloved Peter and knew that he is the love of my life. And that's why, now it's time to share this with all the fabulous women who are ready to have fun shopping and dating."

Shopping For A Man is filled with practical tips, evolutionary shopping techniques and visualizations to help a woman shift her perspective, let go of limiting ideas and beliefs she may have picked up along the way, and discover the rich qualities in herself and in the men that she dates. This book keeps on giving. Yes, you are going to grow, be happier and be more of yourself. That's your evolution.

Dating is Shopping! Shopping For A Man is a fabulously fun, humorous and powerful guide filled with tools, teachings and techniques that will eliminate the unlikely men and lead you to really great guys. They're out there. This book will help you find and date an appropriately great guy. And guess what, you only need one!

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