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Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening, 2nd edition: Plant, Grow, and Harvest the Best Edibles for Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico Gardens


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In this updated 2nd edition of Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening, you'll find much-needed advice and practical tips on growing an edible garden, no matter which part of the southwestern US you call home.

Growing in the Southwest isn't easy. It's either too hot or too cold and often very dry. The region hosts a range of soils and climate conditions that can be difficult for a gardener to navigate. That's why this region-specific garden guide is a must-have for every Southwestern gardener!

Botanist Jacqueline Soule simplifies the ins and outs of gardening in the Southwest and serves as your guide to success. Regardless of whether you're tending an in-ground plot, a small container garden, or a series of raised beds, Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening is an invaluable resource. You'll find:

  • Detailed profiles of over 60 edible plants that thrive in the region's distinctive growing conditions, including favorites like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, summer squash, hot peppers, and pomegranates–plus popular herbs
  • Information on soil preparationstarting seedsfertilizer tips, and more
  • Techniques for safely managing the Southwest's most troublesome vegetable garden pests
  • Helpful planting tips to keep you on track
  • Garden maintenance advice to ensure a lush, productive, and high-yielding garden

Regardless of whether you're a first-time grower or an experienced Master Gardener, the modern varieties and well-researched gardening information found here will have you going from seed to harvest with confidence and know-how.

Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening is part of the regional Fruit & Vegetable Gardening series from Cool Springs Press. Other books in the series include California Fruit & Vegetable GardeningMid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable GardeningTexas Fruit & Vegetable Gardening, and many others.