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Swallowing the Moon


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Perhaps like you, I am someone who always longed for something that seemed to be always just beyond my reach. I waited for sixty-five years before I discovered the Source of my longing. It wasn't another relationship, recognition as an artist; it wasn't a journey to a foreign country or living in exotic Hawaii, or (although this is a source of great pleasure) watching my grandchildren grow up. What I longed to experience (not in the abstract, intellectual, "skim milk" way, but as a visceral, organic, sweet-clover cream Presence of the REAL) was the Treasure of Divine Love, that Grace longing to be unveiled, and made actively conscious in the hearts of all human beings. Alicia Otis is a Sufi, a grandmother, a mystical poet and a photographer. She and her dog live outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. The natural world is where she feels most at home.

First Edition, Signed by the Author

Author: Otis, Alicia