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Ten Houses


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Condition: Very Good – Like New – 2000 edition

The Ten Houses series makes the most important elements of architectural design available to a large and varied audience. Each infinitely useful volume presents one of the world's foremost architects and features ten of his or her finest residential works — including presentation drawings, sketches, and working drawings. These full color, highly affordable volumes will enhance any library, providing an essential reference for architecture students, and individuals looking for home design ideas.

For Ace Architects, house design begins with the idiosyncrasies of their clients, including personal interests, program, site, context, and budget. They are especially interested in those occasions, often somewhat eccentric ones, which lead to the design of distinctly unique places intimately suited to their inhabitants. They feel the best houses provoke a nearly palpable sensation of their inhabitants, even when unoccupied. Such a philosophy is illustrated in this monograph that includes ten of Ace Architects' energetic, colorful, and spatially charged residences. Ace Architects is based in Oakland, California.