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The Evolution of God


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From God Wars to World Peace The Evolution of God delivers a transformative spiritual technology that brings us to the dawn of global transcendence. Chris Griscom is the first female voice to present humanity with a new vision of God! "Our perception is exploding into a horizon of brilliant palette and craves a new view of God one without the smallness of human manipulation and projection one which has integrated the magnificent teachings brought to humanity through all the prophets, seers, and saints who have experienced, or have been bestowed, illumination through Divine focus." "It is not the power that makes one God it is the presence. It is an energy that dissolves all separation, all loss, all questions. It does not overpower you, it envelops you and you return home ; home to your very Source." DO NOT BE AFRAID! "Who were those gods who demanded the hearts of the pure and the brave? Not the kind we want!" "The lord of the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, was a lord of those times. But is it of our times? Are we ready for a new God whose covenants are different, a God who does not punish, a God who introduces us to the cosmos? I think we are."