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The Pigeon a Joe the Bouncer Novel


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Harvard dropout and ex-Special Forces operative Joe Brody is climbing the ranks in the criminal underworld. After successfully executing multiple missions for the various crime syndicates that run New York City, he has come to earn the trust and respect of the city's most dangerous denizens. Which is why his newest task — retrieving a pet pigeon snatched from a rooftop coop in Brooklyn — has Joe puzzled … until he learns that the bird is valued at close to a million dollars.

Joe hatches a plan to sneak into the luxury park-side apartment building where the pigeon is held captive. But that simple plan takes a deadly turn when he stumbles upon a nest of international war criminals and a ruthless building manager overseeing the nefarious operation. Fearing that Joe's entry into the building has somehow compromised the scheme, they put a bounty on his head. In New York, Joe is untouchable, but his new foes come from outside the flock, and he'll need a wing and a prayer to elude their assassins.

With high-stakes action sequences punctuated by laugh out loud humor, The Pigeon is an entertaining caper with nods to vintage crime fiction by masters like Elmore Leonard and Richard Stark. It's a perfect entry point into David Gordon's enjoyable Joe the Bouncer series, and a great continuation for returning fans.