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Try To Shoot an Azimuth


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This is a story about a Pueblo Indian who returns from Vietnam with PTSD. His name is Running Deer. He harbors the guilt of failure. For one year he tries to redeem himself and become the man he once was. Many acquaintances, friends, and family help him through his troubles. A Veterans' Hospital psychologist is brought in to help at the request of a judge who sentences him to 100 hours of community service after he is convicted of DUI and assault of a Pueblo police officer. Once a great runner, he is tasked to coach the local high school cross country team. He meets a beautiful Navajo teacher, Little Fox, from the school, and falls in love. His Hispanic boss from the South Valley of Albuquerque sees promise in him and encourages him to take on supervisory and management positions with his business. Little Fox and Running Deer work together to form a running club based on the military competition called orienteering. Just as in orienteering, maps and compasses one uses in life will get Running Deer and Little Fox through the problems in life. They will "shoot an azimuth" that will guide them to success. However, near the end of the story there is one significant goal to overcome. Danger is involved. Lives could be lost. The novel is a story of traditions, adventure, death and romance.