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Two-Gun Gerta


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Saddle up for an exhilarating journey through the rugged terrain of the Wild West with Two-Gun Gerta, a Western masterpiece by the trailblazing hardboiled fiction author Carroll John Daly, in collaboration with C.C. Waddell. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Gerta's initial publication, this edition marks a historic milestone as the first-ever reprint of any of Daly's western works. Immerse yourself in the secret history of hardboiled writing, creating a literary link between Daly and-by proximity, Hammett- connecting to the literary landscape of Jack London and Rudyard Kipling's generation.

Meet Gerta O'Beirne, a formidable woman adept at handling firearms, as she confronts outlaws and navigates the challenges of the American frontier. This edition, enriched with a comprehensive introduction by David Laurence Wilson, provides a deeper understanding of Daly's roots through previously unreleased family photos. The captivating new cover by acclaimed illustrator Rick Geary enhances the allure of Two-Gun Gerta, showcasing Daly's versatility and establishing him not only as a pioneer of detective fiction but also as a masterful storyteller of the Old West.