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Utilities Nearby : Musings on the Off Grid Real Estate Scene of Santa Fe


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Right now someone is dreaming about moving to a mesa in northern New Mexico. Around here off the grid properties are astoundingly ominpresent. For several years my post, Caution: Off-Grid Solar Power Renters has appeared under Craigslist's Santa Fe/Taos rentals. This book, Utilities Nearby is a non-fiction account of my anecdotal experiences living off the grid near Santa Fe. It also compliles letters from Craigslist readers who shared their passionate thoughts with me on living (or not living) in northern New Mexico.

Utilities Nearby fits perfectly in a nicho for it is a niche in Southwest reading that was under represented until now. This book is a conversation on the meaning of dwellings, living simply and the American West. May it provide you with useful insights in New Mexico's real estate, a "survival guide" if you will. Join me as we scratch beneath the adobe veneer that both enchants and exasperates. There are no guarantees, but upon completion of this book you might be able to convert watts into kilowatt-hours. The only free part is high voltage humor amped with personal experience. Utilities Nearby is for everyone near and far who holds a place in their hearts for New Mexico.