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Waiting in the Wings


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Praise for The Very Fairy Princess:

#1 New York Times bestselling series!" The mother-daughter team successfully demonstrates an understanding of that magical stage of childhood in which determination, desire and dreams can transform reality." — Kirkus Reviews" Geraldine radiates noblesse oblige, heedless energy, and a sense of destiny–she's Eloise crossed with Hillary Clinton." — Publishers Weekly"[Geraldine] lets kids know it's not necessary to be prim and proper to be a 'real' princess; princesses who just want to have fun will find plenty of that here." — Booklist Praise for The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage:"Davenier's expressive illustrations match Geradline's energy and mood on every spread, fluidly conveying the heroine's lovable imperfections." — Publishers Weekly Praise for The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl!:"Davenier's lithe illustrations infuse the story with warmth and quiet emotion; Andrews's and Hamilton's heroine continues to charm." — Publishers Weekly Praise for The Very Fairy Princess: Attitude of Gratitude: "Readers will have no trouble coming up with ways to incorporate a bit of gratitude into their lives, and Gerry's breezily confident narration and Davenier's airy artwork are as appealing as ever." — Publishers Weekly "Exudes optimism and cheerfulness…a touch of sass adds humor to the gentle story." — The Washington Post