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Walking Through Darkness: A Nature-Based Path to Navigating Suffering and Loss


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May the teachings in this book help you walk wakefully as you find your way back home.

Every one of us experiences periods of pain and loss in our life–dark nights of the soul. This is a groundless territory where one feels directionless and devoid of tools, with no sense of how to take the next step. In ancient times, elders guided their communities through life's initiations and challenges, paths we must all take to transform and grow. In Walking through Darkness, legendary shamanic experts Sandra Ingerman and Llyn Roberts help us forge a pathway through the dark–as we embrace nature as our guide and healer. Sandra and Llyn share metaphorical stories that engage animals, plants, trees, and other aspects of nature. Through the feminine process of circular joint storytelling, they weave the rich tales of their own experiences alongside wisdom that they have gathered for years from their own studies, as well as from healers around the globe. Through teachings from the land, the sky, the sea, and the spiritual world, this sensitive and empowering guide opens us to our spiritual light so that we can face our greatest challenges with courage and love–no matter what they are.

Author: Ingerman, Sandra (Author) , Roberts, Llyn (Author)