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Weather Menders


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Winner, 2018 Cat Book of the Year from The Conscious Cat. Can Georgie the time-traveling cat help unintentional Time Travelers from post-plague 2050 Britain and three Travelers sent back from an alternate, happier Timeline 300 years in the future actually reverse catastrophic climate change, plagues, and wars by going back to Pivot Points to change history in a positive way by making sure that Reagan and Thatcher never came to power? Time is of the essence as the travelers learn that failure will result in the destruction of all life on Earth by 2100 that will also affect alternate Timelines. In an unbearably hot 2050 Britain, where palm trees tower over the rice paddies of Stonehenge, Tara MacFarlane, a weary 96-year-old anthropologist born in Taos, New Mexico, longs only to finish out her life in peaceful Buddhist meditation, and rejoin the great love of her later years, the humanitarian Scottish-Afghan doctor Xander, in a future incarnation. Suddenly one stifling autumn day Tara, her great-granddaughter Leona, and Leona’s boyfriend Janus meet a trio of Time Travelers from a future alternate Timeline where humanity and the eco-system survived and thrived.The fate of Earth falls squarely on the shoulders of Tara, Leona, Janus, and Tara’s small gray telepathic cat, Georgie. Time is short to reverse the catastrophe before it bleeds through into the alternate Timeline, and the Time Travelers must discover the Pivot Points by reading Time Code vibrations off the great standing stones of Avebury. Just in time, the brave and wise cat Georgie leaps into the Time Circle of Stonehenge to join the six humans on their mission. Where and when will they go, and will they succeed in restoring the Earth and humanity to balance?

Author: Denker, Debra