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Windmills and Dreams: A History of the Eldorado and Neighboring Areas


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Eldorado at Santa Fe is a unique place. Beyond its dis-tinction as the largest unincorporated community in New Mexico, it is an area where the land and the his-tory have many stories to tell. The geology tells a tale of exploding volcanoes. The ruins and artifacts tell of people living in the area for tens of thousands of years-the Anasazi and Pueblo natives over a thousand years ago, the Spanish explorers long before the English founded James-town or Plymouth. The flags of four countries have flown over New Mexico. An important battle of the Civil War was fought near Eldorado. More recently, the land has brought people from many places with its lure of open space, clean air, sparkling stars in clear night skies, beautiful vistas, and incredible sunsets. As these modern settlers have built homes here, the area has grown and changed, capping the history that Windmills and Dreams describes. This is more than just a book of facts, though. It is a manifestation and clear example of the "pride of place" that so many local residents justifiably feel. It is the hope of this book's creators that Windmills and Dreams will help you learn and appreciate more about Eldorado at Santa Fe.