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The First Koshare


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In many Indian tribes and pueblos of the American Southwest, the Koshare clown, a legendary figure, represents the humorous and mischievous as well as unpredictable aspect of the psyche. Koshare is like Rudyard the Fox of British folk tales and the trickster, Coyote, of Native American animal mythology. In dances and festivals, the black and white striped clown brings fear, and joy, to offset the serious side of various rituals with a sense of humor. One of Koshare's favorite antics is to chase the children with whips (no harm is done) and then turn around and bring gifts to the same victims. This modern Koshare story tells about the birth and beginning of this likable clown figure. * * * * * * Alicia Otis was first exposed to American Southwestern Native American culture by her grandfather who had an extensive collection of Indian artifacts. She was able to acquire first-hand knowledge of Indian mythology, lore and customs later when her family moved to the Southwest.

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Author: Otis, Alicia